Work has been done on the BOINC client (you may want to upgrade at that will allow for triggers on this project to automatically be 'mirrored' to the main QCN servers at Stanford. This will be useful in case a server is down, your data can still be monitored and stored at Stanford. Also be sure to go to your 'Computer Location Info' button on the BOINC menu and make sure you have set the correct location for your computer(s). Thanks for running the Quake-Catcher Network!
The Quake-Catcher Network based at Stanford University now has a server hosted at Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan. You can attach to the project via this URL:
Several QCN stations on the East Coast of the US recorded a M5.8 earthquake that occurred just outside of Mineral, Virgina at 17:51:04 UTC on 23 August 2011. Click here to view seismograms recorded by QCN stations at distances between 48 to 242 km (30 - 150 miles) from the earthquake epicenter. The image above shows the ShakeMap generated by 'Did You Feel It?' reports submitted to the USGS; more information about the Virginia earthquake ShakeMap can be found here (links to external USGS site).
We are testing new drivers - if you are running a 32 or 64-bit Windows system, which is having trouble detecting or using the ONavi USB sensor, please refer to this message board thread for download links to the new drivers:
I have built new Mac QCN clients and drivers to fix the problem with the new 'Lion' OS X upgrade and the JoyWarrior. Download and install the new driver from . Then click 'Reset' in BOINC Manager to get the new version. The problem is in the Mac 64-bit 'human interface' (HID ie joystick etc) library - so the Mac versions are now for 32-bit PPC and Intel.