Intro to Regional Arrays:

QCN aims to catch earthquakes in action with more detail than is possible through traditional seismic networks. With dense regional arrays, QCN will gain greater understanding of earthquake processes and invetigate new ways to detect and characterize earthquakes in real time. QCN is looking for volunteers within 12 selected regions who will host free USB sensors and QCN software on their desktops for 1-3 years. In some areas, interns will help volunteers install the sensors. In other areas, QCN will mail sensors and installation instructions to volunteers.

Maps of Regional Arrays: All Arrays.

Regional Signup

Why These Regions?

We selected the regional array locations based primarily on three factors:

  1. Hazard: Is it likely that moderate to large earthquakes will happen in the region? QCN's USB sensors are strong motion accelerometers, which means they record high intensity ground shaking close to earthquakes. We are focusing on the West coast of the United States because the seismic hazard is high here.

    This figure illustrates the peak ground acceleration that the USGS expects will be exceeded with 10% probability in the next 50 years. (Figure from http://earthquakes/

  2. Availablility: Are there enough individuals who can volunteer to host a USB sensor and QCN software on their computer? QCN relies on volunteer support. So we are focusing on regions with denser populations. Thank you to all our volunteer hosts!!!! In addition, where people and high likelihood of strong shaking overlap, that is where the greatest risk is, so that is where we need these sensors the most.

  3. Affordability: To keep the costs down we focus on a few regions that we can afford to go. We hope more international arrays will develop soon through international collaboration.